Press Statement

Kano Gazettes OGP Executive Order From Abba Anwar Committed to the promotion of transparency and accontability in governance, by Kano ...
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Open Data Policy

Highlights A framework is developed which contains key elements for comparing open data policies.• Policies are context-dependent, and a variety ...
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Open Government Partnership

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from national and subnational governments ...
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Kano state government will remain commited to transparency and accountability in governance enhancing its efforts through partnerships with civil organisations and disclosure of its activities.

Open Governance Policy refers to broad overarching policies of accessibility, participation, collaboration, and transparency.

'Get to Know Your Government' A Kano State Commitment to Present a Transparent, Accountable and Innovative Government #ogp #opengov #opengovpart http://www.ogpkano.pcacc.org.ng/
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@OGPkano Anti-corruption Thematic Area implemented one of its milestones on Organization/Sensitization seminars/Symposia on the platform of the PCACC Anti-corruption Clubs, musical concert and sporting competitions at GSS Rano

@MuhuyiMagaji @Halimabenu @opengovpart @ogpnigeria https://t.co/Seze5VKvIb
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@OGPkano Central Senatorial Zone Sensitization in collaboration @TrustAfrica. The third and last of series of Kano State Senatorial zone sensitization workshops. @opengovpart @MuhuyiMagaji @Halimabenu @magikk32 @abumualleem @MusaddiqKabir10 https://t.co/FeRaWStE1O OGPkano photo

OGP basic principles and 6 Kano State thematic areas translated into Hausa and distributed for easier understand by the populace. @magikk32 @MuhuyiMagaji @Halimabenu @ogpnigeria @opengovpart https://t.co/Jugs17Rp7Q OGPkano photo

@OGPkano zonal sensitization at Rano Islamic Centre. Traditional Institution and women groups were part of the target audience with considerable participation. @magikk32 @MuhuyiMagaji @Halimabenu @ogpnigeria @opengovpart @ogpkaduna https://t.co/knN0VSBpau OGPkano photo

The @OGPkano in collaboration with @perlnigeria Retreat Review of the Costed Action Plan at Corinthia Villa Hotel. 13th-14th November, 2018.
@Halimabenu @MuhuyiMagaji @magikk32 https://t.co/pZDHd5oE3P
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Today on #FacesOfOpenGov, meet Bae Limpayen of the Manobo Tribe of the Philippines. She’s also known by her Christian name Jennifer Pia Sibug-las. As a spokesperson of the Tribal Communities Association of the Philippines, she caters to the issues and ne… https://t.co/qrJQTH97NL https://t.co/fLN09JylwL OGPkano photo